fit20 U.S. Continues National Expansion with Franchise in North Toledo

Fredericksburg, VA (September 8, 2021) – fit20 USA announces the signing of their newest franchise with an experienced operator in Toledo, Ohio. DSJB Partners will be developing multiple studios in the Toledo area with the first one near Sylvania township in Toledo’s Marco Plaza. Managing partner Kelli Wolf couldn’t be more excited. “I’ve tried numerous fitness concepts myself, and realize that a consistent, workout practice is essential to my own health and wellbeing as I get older,” says Wolf. “It’s so exciting to bring this revolutionary workout protocol to the area. I can’t wait to apply the benefits to my own health and wellness practice!”

Fit20 USA is the Master Franchisee of fit20 for the U.S., a concept started in the Netherlands that now is in 9 countries with more than 160 Studios and 19,000 members. The unique concept provides a private, noise-free environment geared to accommodate busy schedules and reflect personal physical requirements. The concept features a once-weekly, 20-minute session with a certified personal trainer. That’s all it takes to increase muscle mass and build core strength FAST. Kelli and her partners operate several other health and wellness franchises in Toledo and were thrilled to find fit20 and its simple and easy way to maintain strength and vitality as people age. “Everyone is time-constrained these days but looking to stay fit”, says Wolf, “the science behind fit20 substantiates that just 20 minutes per week with a personal trainer has an amazing impact.” A recent multi-year research study of over 14,000 fit20 members conclusively showed impressive strengths gains from the minimal dose fit20 approach.

The fit20 concept is unique as its members meet weekly with a personal trainer for an intense slow-motion resistance training session to ensure a safe and highly effective workout experience. A circuit of specialized strength training machines is used to create a full-body workout that increases strength and vitality.

The key elements of the fit20 training approach include:

  • Always with a personal trainer at a regular weekly appointment.
  • Exercise without changing clothes or showering in a climate-controlled environment.
  • No distracting music, mirrors, or group workouts.
  • Only 20 minutes per week.
  • No more than 3 people in the studio at a time, and always socially distanced.

According to Chief Development Officer, Dr. Ben Litalien, “We are really excited to welcome Kelli and her partners to the fit20 team. The success they have achieved with their current franchise concepts gives us great confidence in their plans for fit20 in Toledo and potentially beyond. They are committed to their community and to providing the latest in fitness programming to increase strength and vitality. It’s a great opportunity for them and for us as we grow the fit20 brand in the U.S. By working with strategic partners in key markets who operate Studios and expand we can meet the demand for strength training quickly and effectively,” says Dr. Litalien.


About fit20 Sylvania

fit20 Sylvania is owned and operated by Fit Toledo 1, LLC and is located in the Marco Plaza, in the heart of the Monroe Street retail corridor. They offer a unique, high-intensity, 20-minute training method that improves strength, vitality, and mental focus, always working with a specialized personal trainer in a private, noise-free environment geared to accommodate busy schedules and reflect personal physical requirements. The climate-controlled environment offers state-of-the-art equipment with individualized attention – no group workouts, distracting music, or mirrors. Sign up online or call 833-fit20-US (833-348-2087) for your “FIT” -- free introductory training. There is no obligation to join, but nothing is better than trying this method firsthand. Follow fit20 Sylvania on Twitter @fit20USA and on Click here to learn more.

About fit20 USA Franchising

Fit20 USA is a Master Franchisee of fit20 BV based in the Netherlands. Offering single-Studio and multi-unit franchise programs, fit20 USA Franchising is focused on rapid expansion across the U.S. with strategic partners. For more information on the franchise, programs visit

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