Are you ready to take the future in your own hands and join Team fit20, a revolutionary concept changing people’s lives in just 20 minutes once a week? Backed by science our training method provided guaranteed results. Read more about the fit20 Study HERE!

Our franchise is affordable, provides recurring revenues and is safe to operate even during the COVID pandemic. In fact, many people are realizing it’s the safest alternative for fitness with social distancing, trainers wearing facemasks and the one-on-one approach. Why sell burgers, wash pets or unclog drain pipes when you can own a business that improves the quality of life for each and every customer.

We can get a Studio open in just sixty days with a turn-key system, a dedicated onboarding staff and technology platforms that make managing the business simple and effective. And, with just one fit20 Certified personal trainer you can handle your first 100 members so your labor costs and management are cost effective. Our marketing programs provide a steady flow of leads for a “free introductory training” session to support steady membership growth.

Now, are you ready to take your future into your own hands? Contact us now and let’s get you started on the path to a more successful future as a fit20 franchisee!

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Invest between $98,900 to $183,200 to start your own business

This range is for a single-Studio franchise

To qualify

Net Worth of $100,000 & Liquid Assets of $30,000

You can be an Owner/Operator or hire a Studio manager, it's up to you

Affordable Fees

Franchise Fee $35,000, Training Fee $5,000 & 8% Royalty

A Franchise for anyone passionate about health and wellness

Typical studio

900-1,200 sf

Simple & affordable build-out. Clean, inviting and modern

Our Success Formula


More than 18,000 clients

fit20 trainers have provided more than 2 million training sessions ... and counting


160+ Studios Worldwide

More than 300 certified fit20 personal trainers are at work every day getting clients more healthy and fit


Global Franchise Network

The first studio opened in 2009 in The Netherlands. Today there are Studios operating in the USA, New Zealand, The UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Qatar

“I am so excited to open my first two Studios in Jacksonville!”

Cathy Battreall, Regional Developer (Florida)

“fit20 is an amazing program that really helps people live a healthier and more productive life, and I am thrilled to be developing the Jacksonville area. These first two locations will introduce fit20 to the community and I’m looking forward to adding more franchise locations soon.”

"What I love most about fit20 is that we are helping the individuals that thought they could never do it"

Jeff McDonald - Franchise Owner (Michigan)

"Helping people get healthy has always been my passion. From educating people about health and fitness to showing them exactly how to get there, being a part of that journey is priceless to me. What I love most about fit20 is that we are helping the individuals that thought they could never do it. I love that every one of our members is able to see and feel the positive effects that fit20 has on their fitness and health and I am beyond excited to help many more!"

"fit20 offers a unique opportunity!"

Bowen and Angela Richwine - Franchise Owners (Virginia)

"As former college athletes now headed into middle age and beyond, we are serious about fitness and keeping our bodies in shape. When we came upon fit20, it quickly became apparent to us that fit20 offers a unique opportunity to those who are willing to give it a try!"

"The best part of owning a fit20 franchise is the support staff!"

Sybrina Ely - Franchise Owner (Utah)

"The best part about owning a fit20 franchise is the support staff. They are unwaveringly kind, supportive and encouraging. There is a genuine sentiment of shared success. They are always analyzing and improving their policies and processes to benefit the franchise owner. They have become like family and I am humbled everyday by the ongoing support and care they give."

Why buy a fit20 franchise?

Do you want to change people's lives positively by helping them become fitter and healthier? All that in 20 minutes a week? fit20 is a gamechanger and we seek people who want to make an impact on the lives of clients, their staff and themselves!

fit20 is innovative, unique, and is looking for people who dare to be different. Do you dream of owning your own company but with the assurance of a proven international model so that you don’t have to make all beginner’s mistakes yourself?

Proven systems, communications, planning, structure and reliability. That's what it's all about at fit20. Curious? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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