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Do you want to start your own business and take your future into your own hands? fit20 is an international franchise with an innovative formula. Many fit20 franchise entrepreneurs in 8 countries have already found success. You are interested in health and fitness. You love people and you want to help others. Entrepreneurship beckons, but you want a proven model and professional support.

We assume you have already checked out so you know that fit20 is a short but intensive personal training which produces incredible results for our clients in only 20 minutes per week.

To ensure you are fully informed and can start well prepared as a franchise entrepreneur, we would like to tell you more about entrepreneurship in the fit20 franchise model. The main purpose of this is to give you insight about the opportunities, possibilities, and pitfalls so you can decide whether owning a fit20 studio is the right choice for you.

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Invest between $75,700 to $158,900 to start your own business

Depending on your particular expenses this could include a paycheck from day 1.

To qualify

Net worth of $100,000 Liquid assets of $30,000

Using your own money to start your business means you are a fully committed entrepreneur

Franchise fee

Start fee $19,500 Training fee $5,500 Royalty fee 8% of monthly income

Een succesvolle franchiseondernemer wordt bij ons beloond.

Typical studio

1000-1500 sf

Simple and affordable build-out. Clean, inviting and modern

Our success formula


More than 15000 clients

More than 15000 clients who altogether have completed more than 2 million training sessions and counting.


140+ studios worldwide

More than 300 personal trainers are at work every day in more than 140 studios in 8 countries getting clients more healthy and fit


International franchise system

Our first studio opened in 2009 in The Netherlands. We now have studios open in the USA, New-Zealand, the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, France and Qatar. More countries to come in the near future.

"What I love most about fit20 is that we are helping the individuals that thought they could never do it"

Jeff McDonald - Franchise owner

"Helping people get healthy has always been my passion. From educating people about health and fitness to showing them exactly how to get there, being a part of that journey is priceless to me. What I love most about fit20 is that we are helping the individuals that thought they could never do it. I love that every one of our members is able to see and feel the positive effects that fit20 has on their fitness and health and I am beyond excited to help many more!"

"The fact that my clients come back week after week is my biggest compliment"

Hilde Scherrewitz - fit20 franchise owner

"The fact that my clients come back week after week is the biggest compliment for me’ It means my clients value the service I provide. I love fit20. Personally, I have always been active in sports, but I have never felt as strong as I do now because of my fit20 training. There is a tremendous body of knowledge at fit20 and I really enjoy learning more as I grow as a franchise owner and as a trainer."

"fit20 has provided me with the path to real entrepreneurship"

Bas Pronk - Franchise owner

"fit20 has provided me with the path to real entrepreneurship. It has helped bring out the best in me. I relish in my entrepreneurial successes and I have come to enjoy resolving the challenges associated with being a business owner. Now that my studio is stable and successful I see new opportunities ahead. This reminds me that fit20 was the right choice for me.

"Being a fit20 franchise owner has completely changed my life in the most positive way”

Sabine Lammers - Franchise owner

fit20 is a unique and super effective training method that is perfect for today’s world where most of us find it hard to carve out time for fitness. Everyone can find 20 minutes in their busy week to do fit20. The training makes your stronger both physically and mentally, everyone will enjoy these benefits. Having a fit20 studio has impacted my life in the most positive way.

Why buy a fit20 franchise?

Do you want to change people's lives positively by helping them become fitter and healthier? All that in 20 minutes a week? fit20 is a gamechanger and we seek people who want to make an impact on the lives of clients, their staff and themselves!

fit20 is innovative, unique, and is looking for people who dare to be different. Do you dream of your own company but with the assurance of a proven international model so that you don’t have to make all beginner’s mistakes yourself?

Proven system, communication, planning, structure and reliability. That's what it's all about at fit20. Curious? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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